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‘Baseless and false videos’ on FASTag: NPCI issues clarification

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has debunked “baseless and false videos circulating on social media” regarding the FASTag payment system. It has said that no transactions can be executed through open internet connectivity. Several layers of security protocols are placed to ensure the end-to-end safe processing of transactions, it said.

NPCI has also said that no financial transactions can be initiated without all the prerequisites mentioned as below:

1. NETC FASTag operates only for Person to Merchant (P2M) transactions. No Person to Person (P2P) transactions are facilitated through NETC FASTag Network. This means an individual cannot receive the money in the NETC FASTag ecosystem from fraudulent transactions. Only authorised System Integrators (SI), on behalf of concessionaires are allowed to participate for specific plazas and initiate Payment transactions.

2 The infrastructure deployed between Si system/Concessionaire and Banks are secured by whitelisting only permitted IP Addresses and URLs. The hardware installed at the Toll Plaza data centre/server room is cryptographically secured through Hardware Security Module (HSM).

3. Further, acquiring banks are connected to NPCI for interoperable NETCFASTag linked payments for which NPCI switch is connected with Acquirer & Issuer Banks through secure NPCHNET connectivity. The IPs of Banks are whitelisted at NPCI end and similarly, NPCI IPs are whitelisted at the Banks end to facilitate the API connectivity between NPCI & Banks

4. Every API call needs to pass through a secure Firewall. Every time the Bank connects with NPCI through API connectivity, the data is encrypted with a secure 256 SHA ECC algorithm and locked with a Hexadecimal Private Key Only NPCI possessing the corresponding Public key will be able to access the information by decryption.

5 Every Merchant (Toll & Parking Plazas) boarded by NPC) are allotted a unique Plaza code. Which is on boarded only by authorised acquirer Banks active on the NETC FASTag ecosystem Every acquirer Bank is provided a unique Acquire ID (AID) The combination of the Plaza code and Bank Acquirer ID is mapped at NPCI end

6. Geo-location of every Merchant (Plaza) has been stored at respective Acquirer Banks and NPC

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