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Bank Locker Rules Changed: Here’s everything you need to know about.

If the locker rent is taken in advance, a suitable amount of the advance amount collected will be returned to the customer. Know all the recent changes in bank locker rules

India’s apex banking regulatory institution, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) drifted new rules for safe deposit locker and safe custody facilities presented by banks. The bank took the choice on August 18 refering to various progressions in banking and innovation, customer grumblings and input from various banks just as the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA).

Below we have extensively covered the new locker rules for your thought :

Banks might observer potential circumstances where the ,locker hirer neither deals with the storage nor pays the charges. To guarantee ideal installment of locker lease, banks are qualified for take a term store at the hour of storage designation. The sum will incorporate three years of lease just as the charges for tearing open the storage.

Banks, in any case, will not request term stores from the current locker holders or from the individuals who have working employable records.

If the locker rent is taken in advance, a suitable amount of the advance amount collected will be returned to the customer. In the case of emergencies like natural calamities, banks shall make attempts to notify their customers at the earliest.

The banks will think of a complete board supported arrangement itemizing the risk owed by them for any harm or misfortune to the substance of the storage spaces inferable from their disregard.

Locker care will include guaranteeing the legitimate working of the storage framework and defending against unapproved admittance to the storage spaces. Guaranteeing adequate measures against burglary and robbery will likewise be the obligation of the bank.

According to the new arrangements, a bank will not be responsible for any mischief or loss of having a place of locker because of normal calamities like earthquakes, floods and so on Banks however will take on appropriate wellbeing to guarantee assurance from such disasters.

Other important regulations that have been included in the revised locker policy of RBI include-:

Banks will include an additional clause in the locker agreement that will prohibit the hirer to keep anything hazardous in the locker.

In case of events like fraud by banking professionals fire or building collapse the liability of the banks has been set to 100 times the amount of the yearly rent.


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