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Avoid These Mistakes While Treating Burns

Burn injuries are quite common. From suffering a burn during cooking to getting touched by hot iron, it can be quite painful. While these incidents are accidental and cannot be avoided, some mistakes can be taken care of.

Don’t burst the blister:

If the burn has turned into a blister don’t make the grave mistake of bursting it. It can escalate the infection. If the blister hurts, consulting a doctor can be a good choice.

Not Applying toothpaste:

Applying toothpaste to the burned area is common practice in various households. Many think its cooling effect can treat the burn but instead of treating it, it worsens the situation. The antimicrobial ointment could be a better choice instead of toothpaste. Butter and mayonnaise should also not be applied.

Never apply ice

Applying ice or cold water to burns can severely complicate the issue. It can lead to damage to tissues. Water should be cool, but not cold.

Don’t apply dirty hands-on burn

The burnt area should be protected very carefully. If the skin is broken, it can make the burnt area prone to infections. Before touching the burnt area, make sure that your hands are properly washed. Touching burnt areas with dirty hands can lead to more severe infections.

Dipping hands in cold water for a long time

The moment a person faces burns, the first step that comes to their mind is dipping their hands under running water. Many doctors have said that burnt areas should be dipped in running water for 15 minutes. It can be dipped for more time depending on the intensity of pain.

Antibiotics should not be applied

Antibiotics are often not required for minor burns because they can sterilise the burnt area, often not required. According to some medical experts, our skin has healthy bacteria which can heal skin on their own.

(Disclaimer: The health tips shared in this article are based on common practices and general knowledge. Readers are advised to consult a doctor before following them at home.)

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