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Are You Planning To Start Barre Workout Routine? Here’s What You Should Keep In Mind

There are many forms of exercise that improvise your physical and mental health. However, if you are specifically focusing on improving your glutes then you should opt for the barre workout routine. This exercise routine will strengthen your core, enhance the muscles in your shoulder and hip girdle, and increase your flexibility. But before you begin this practice, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Abhishek Chatterjee, General Manager at Switch Wellness, shared a few secrets as well as outlined the three pillars of the barre workout.

With the help of barre exercise, one can develop lean muscles. They help reduce the fat on the lower back. The expert said, “It is widely popular and believed to help in developing lean muscle mass. These workout techniques are promising for the lower body, especially for the glutes fat-burning, barre is a perfect choice. It focuses on the fat accumulated in the lower body and helps in burning them.”

He also mentioned three basic fundamentals that are based on the barre workout:

Breathing: The breathing pattern should intensify the movement, and due to this, the heart and muscles receive the right amount of oxygen.

Pelvic placement: Since the majority of the barre workout is done while standing, stabilising the spine in the best shock-absorbing position is crucial.

Rib cage placement and stabilisation: The rib cage deviation that typically occurs in a standing position can be avoided by being mindful of the position of the spine and abdominal muscles.

The expert, Abhishek Chatterjee, also shared some tips to ace the barre workout routine:

Pay attention to the sides: Make sure that each stretch and workout specifically targets one side. Before shifting to the left, experience the burn on the right side completely.

Take your time: Try to maintain the posture for an additional second after feeling the burn or exhaustion in one position. The primary benefit of the barre is the concentrated pressure on a particular muscle group.

Concentrate on the burn: Holding a position for an extended period of time can cause one to lose attention. Instead, try concentrating your thoughts on the muscle aches or strain.

Pay attention to the tabletop position: Compared to standing positions, tabletop position workouts, which are performed while lying on the floor, are more focused on the glutes.

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