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All You Need To Know About Farmani Naaz, The Singer Under Fire For Singing Bhajans

YouTuber Farmani Naaz, who was a contestant of Indian Idol 12, is facing the ire of a Muslim cleric for giving her voice to the Shiva hymn Har-Har Shambhu Song. A fatwa has been issued against her, but in the midst of all this, Farmani has said that the singer has no religion, because she is an artist. Back in 2019, a video of Farmani surfaced on the internet, which made her a star overnight.

Farmani Naaz, a resident of Muzaffarnagar, was married in 2017 in Hasanpur, a small village in Meerut. Shortly after marriage, Farmani was blessed with motherhood, but her son was born with a branchial cleft, following which her in-laws refused to accept and Farmani returned to her maternal home with the son.

In the difficult phase of life, Ashu Bachchan, a singer and mimicry artist who runs his own YouTube channel met Farmani Naaz and helped her. Initially, he used to work in partnership with Farmani Naaz, but now both have their separate work.

A video of Farmani Naaz is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which was shared by Ashu Bachchan on 5 September 2019. In the video, she is seen singing the song Milo Na tum Toh Hum Ghabraye In while painting her house.

After completing her journey of Indian Idol, a video surfaced in which Farmani was seen singing the song Satyam Shivam Sundaram dedicated to Lord Shiva. Not only Shiva but Farmani Naaz have also sung the songs of Krishna, which people have liked very much.

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