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2022 JK NRC, Round 2 results: Clean sweep for Viswas Vijayaraj

Anish D Shetty, Navaneeth Kumar and Allwin Xavier won a race each in the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup.

Ahura Racing’s Viswas Vijayaraj dominated proceedings in the headlining LGB Formula 4 class of the 2022 JK National Racing Championship (JK NRC) as Round 2 wrapped up at the Kari Motor Speedway.

The Novice Cup and Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup, meanwhile, saw some tight competition with the races serving up multiple different winners.

  • Surineni wins two Novice Cup races
  • Abhishek Vasudev and Amarnath Menon win Endurance League Cup race

LGB Formula 4

Arya Singh took an early championship lead after the opening round, but he only made one podium appearance in Round 2 – with a second place finish in Race 3. Ruhaan Alva had to skip Round 2 as he was representing India at the 2022 World Motorsport Games in Marseille.

Viswas Vijayaraj stamped his authority, winning all three races held over the weekend. And these were hard fought wins, with the Ahura Racing driver involved in neck-to-neck battles with his rivals. 


Race 1

1.      Viswas Vijayaraj (Ahura Racing) – 36mins 14.152secs

2.      Vishnu Prasad (MSport) – 36mins 14.708secs

3.      Tijil Rao (Dark Don Racing) – 36mins 14.940secs

Race 2

1.      Viswas Vijayaraj (Ahura Racing) – 20mins 01.270secs

2.      Amir Sayed (Ahura Racing) – 20mins 05.278secs

3.      Vishnu Prasad (MSport) – 20mins 16.153secs

Race 3

1.      Viswas Vijayaraj (Ahura Racing) – 30mins 54.084secs

2.      Arya Singh (Dark Don Racing) – 30mins 55.036secs

3.      Ashwin Datta (Dark Don Racing) – 30mins 55.569secs

Novice Cup

Early championship leader Kyle Kumaran also missed Round 2 as he was competing in the World Motorsport Games. The first day of action saw Aman Nagdev defeat Aadithya Parasuram on a rain-soaked track. Arjun Syam Nair then scored his maiden win of the season in the next race.

Nair’s teammate Chetan Surineni showed strong form as well, taking home two back-to-back wins.


Race 1

1.      Aman Nagdev (MSport) – 17mins 01.392secs

2.      Aadithya Parasuram Hasten Performance – 17mins 01.952secs

3.      Joel Joseph (DTS Racing) – 17mins 02.188secs

Race 2:

1.      Arjun Syam Nair (Momentum Motorsports) – 13mins 57.631secs

2.      Vinith Kumar (DTS Racing)- 13mins 58.056secs

3.      Dhruvh Goswami (MSport)- 14mins 05.215secs

Race 3:

1.      Chetan Surineni (Momentum Motorsports) – 15mins 54.829secs

2.      Vinith Kumar (Hasten Performance) – 15mins 55.578secs

3.      Joel Joseph (DTS Racing) – 15mins 55.933secs

Race 4

1.      Chetan Surineni (Momentum Motorsports) – 16mins 44.215secs

2.      Aadithya Parasuram (Hasten Performance) – 16mins 44.378secs

3.      Adheet Parashar (Hasten Performance) – 16mins 44.560secs

Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup

For its second season, the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup has switched to a Pro-Am format, with the grid featuring 10 professional and 15 amateur riders.

Seasoned campaigners Anish D Shetty and Allwin Xavier battled it out throughout Race 1. Shetty ultimately won that battle, but couldn’t carry that momentum into Race 2 as he ended up retiring after losing control of his bike.  Navaneeth Kumar took advantage of this to storm to victory. Allwin Xavier won the final race as Kumar suffered an unfortunate fall midway through.

Soorya PM consistently topped the standings in the Amateur category across all three races.


Race 1

1.      Anish D Shetty – 12mins 31.641secs

2.      Navaneeth Kumar – 12mins 32.170secs

3.      Soorya PM – 12mins 37.382secs

Race 2

1.      Navaneeth Kumar – 13mins 33.994secs

2.      Allwin Xavier – 13mins 37.865secs

3.      Ullas S Nanda – 13mins 38.695secs

Race 3

1.      Allwin Xavier – 14mins 01.228secs

2.      Sudheer Sudhakar – 14mins 01.237secs

3.      Meka Vidhuraj – 14mins 04.850secs

Endurance League Cup

This year’s JK NRC has also introduced the Endurance League Cup, featuring 20 teams of two riders each, racing Suzuki Gixxer 250cc bikes. At the end of the hour-long race, Abhishek Vasudev and Amarnath Menon took top honours.


1.      Abhishek Vasudev/Amarnath Menon – 1hour 33.623secs

2.      Rohit Lad/Abhinav G – 1hour 46.788secs

3.      Prabhu V/Sarvesh Hamunnavar – 1 hour 1min 08.426secs

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