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10 Essentials Items You Must Pack For Goa Trip

You should pack a few items as per Goa’s climatic conditions.

When you’re on a vacation, it’s always good to pack light and carry only the essential items. Unlike any other trip, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you’re travelling to Goa.

You should pack a few items as per Goa’s climatic conditions, which would make your vacation more comfortable.

Hat: A hat will protect you from the scorching sun, while enjoying your day at a beach in Goa. This doesn’t only save you from the sun but also makes you look fashionable. A straw hat is the perfect choice to wear on the beach.

Footwear: If you plan on relaxing at the beach or visiting any tourist place, it’s safe to carry rubber footwear as it makes your feet feel comfortable. You should carry sneakers and sandals for your Goa trip. A pair of heels for women can also be packed if you have plans on partying at one of the nightclubs.

Map: If you’re new to Goa and are dicey about having a travel guide, a better option is to carry a map of Goa along with you as you can discover places on your own. In certain locations the Google Map may not work due to network issues. In such a situation, a map of Goa will be quite useful.

Tote bags: It can be difficult to navigate Goa’s streets with multiple shopping bags. It’s essential to carry big tote bags as you’ll be able to stuff together all your shopping covers, swimwear (if you hit the beach later), and other essentials.

Sunscreen: This is one of the most important items to have with you on any trip. Sunscreen can protect you from the harsh UV rays and will let you have a fun trip. When you carry sunscreen, make sure your sunscreen is above SPF 50 and is waterproof, so that you can enjoy a sea bath in Goa.

Sunglasses: Just like how hats are going to protect you from the harsh UV rays, the sunglasses are an extra layer of protection. You can style your sunglasses with your swimwear at the beach or when you’re wandering the streets in a cute dress or shorts.

Power Banks: Carrying a power bank can save you from getting lost if you’re dependent on Google Maps. Exploring places in Goa and clicking pictures might drain your phone’s battery, so in order to have a backup, it’s essential to carry a power bank.

First Aid Kit: While you’re traveling, you may face some unfortunate accidents at times. In such a situation a first aid kit comes in handy. The first aid kit should have all your essential medicines including band aids.

Sarongs: If you’re going to Goa, carrying swimwear and sarongs are a must. You can not only use it as a drape over your swimwear but also wear it as a dress too, which can make you look stylish.

Speakers: Be it the beach or your hotel room, listening to songs on a trip will just make the entire trip more fun. Carry speakers so that you can enjoy music on a beach or during a campfire at night.

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